What can we do for you?

BACE Swift Build - GFRG

Manufacture and Supply of GFRG – Bace Swift Build Panels and Gypsum Plaster.

BACE Build

Construct buildings using GFRG Bace Swift Build construction system either on its own or in combination with other suitable construction systems to deliver the optimum construction solution for your needs.

BACE Design

Design your buildings using structural planning tools optimised by us to deliver a clean green economical construction.

BACE Logistics

Logistics services using our trucks, mobile cranes and construction equipment.

Building Intelligent Modelling (BIM)

The Company uses advanced capabilities to design its larger structures and complicated projects using BUILDING INTELLIGENT MODELLING (BIM). Using this software and expertise developed in-house, the building is first planned Three Dimensionally, so all the intricate complexities are charted out in advance. This helps identify and eliminate clashes in structural, architectural and service components like AC ducts, Water lines, Electricals, Beams, Columns etc. well in advance. Further as the building is built each step is simultaneously recreated in a 3-D model for review and ongoing counter checks. This is one of the big differentiators in executing complex projects.