GFRG BACE Swift Build - The Ultimate Solution for

  • Schools and Colleges.
  • Hostels and Institutional buildings.
  • Hotels, Hospitals and Commercial Complexes.
  • Apartments and Villas.
  • Factories and Warehouses.
  • Convention Centres and Marriage Halls.

BACE Swift Build is the ideal solution for Affordable Housing too

In India the projected population by 2026 will exceed 1.5 Billion. It is estimated that the housing shortage will top 90 million units.In order to overcome this huge housing shortage there is an urgent need for dwellings from alternative building materials which are energy efficient, are strong & durable, are resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones and fire, have little or no CO2 emission, can be constructed quickly, can be produced at a cost to meet needs of masses and have the ability to be recycled.

Conventional walling materials such as fired clay bricks, solid and hollow concrete blocks, concrete panels, timber frame, external steel cladding and steel frames have a detrimental effect on the environment.  They are high energy users, deplete valuable agricultural land, cause environmental pollution, deplete forests and water and cause high CO2 emissions.

The Solution !

Annual investment in housing in India will run at between US$28 and US$38 billion and the cost of building methods is increasing exponentially each year. The Indian Government lays great emphasis on Housing For All. The 2016 Budget has also provided huge fiscal incentives for affordable housing.

With traditional building materials degrading the environment, and becoming costlier by the day, building using our affordable and environmentally friendly BACE Swift Build system has become even more attractive.