How does GFRG - BACE Swift Build revolutionise construction?

GFRG – BACE Swift Build is a Revolutionary economical, load bearing prefabricated construction system with broad construction applications for all types of buildings.

The GFRG panel serves as internal and external walls and eliminates the need for bricks, blocks and plastering. This also serves as a roof panel and eliminates elaborate steel reinforcement, formwork and plastering. This means that building with the GFRG – BACE Swift Build significantly reduces the number of trades required on site, speeding up construction time and reducing cost.

1. Flexible in its design potential, GFRG panels are manufactured to a size of 6/12 metres by 3 metres height by 124 millimetres thick and cellular in construction. GFRG panels are manufactured in moulding process, from high grade gypsum plaster and glass-fibre rovings. The hollow sections or voids have 250 millimetre centres. The panels are cut in the factory to design specifications to a maximum tolerance of 5 millimetres.

2. The cells can be used to accommodate building services such as plumbing and electrical conduits or filled with insulation for increased thermal performance. For buildings over two storeys high or where extra load bearing capacity is required all or part of the cavities are concrete filled.Housing the services in the cavities reduces building time and may improve the aesthetics of the entire home.



3. The panels are cut to size in the factory, in accordance with the design requirements and delivered on site in transport stillage ready to erect.

4. Compared to other building methods each lightweight panel can be easily installed with a small crane (maximum lift 1.5 tonnes) and because of the reduced weight, savings can also be made on the cost of foundations.

5. The formed cells can be filled with insulation for increased thermal performance or with concrete and reinforcement as per structural requirement,for increased load-bearing structural capacity.

6. The reinforcement which rises from the panels is merged with a tie beam at the top of the panel. The roofing system is a unique lightweight thermally efficient design, developed using the panels as the base with micro beams as per structural requirement embedded after cutting the ribs.The micro beams are tied to the panel reinforcement and the tie beam, thus forming an earth quake resistant MONOLITHIC structure

   monolithic1    monolithic2

GFRG Panels are manufactured using gypsum plaster and glass fibre reinforcement which results in a LOAD BEARING Construction System. GFRG buildings are Fire, Earthquake, Cyclone and Termite resistant that are safe for the families and good for the environment.

With the low construction cost of BACE Swift Build system – architects, engineers and designers have enormous flexibility.